Syed Moazzam Hossain was Born in Comilla in a respectable family. In College life due to involvement in Student politics his father stopped his education expenses after HSC. Hence with no other alternative he took a job in BWDB in 1969 and completed his M. S. S. from Dhaka University in 1975.
10th May 1975 he joined in a Private Company – Where he started to learn about business. On 30th December 1979 he left the job. In 1980 by taking loan of Tk.3500.- he made a company called, SEIKU International.
In the last 7 stage of family history he is the 1st man who went in to business. Due to inherent religious family background he always believes in ethical business policy and tries his best to promotes honesty and transparency in his trade. He is a good organizer & social person. In 1967 along with some friends he organized Comilla Zilla Student Association in Feni College. In 1969 similarly along with other senior friends he organized Chauddagram Thana Janakallyan Samity in Dhaka.
He believes, that service to humanity is the best work of life. Though he is a business man but he spent most of his time in Social, Economical, Cultural Organizations and Trade Bodies. (More information in next pages).
Mr. Hossain is very straight forward person & a good speaker, he keeps updated information in his subject. He attended many local & international seminar, conferences as key note speaker, guest or as a participant. He attended hundreds of exhibitions & events also visited around 30 countries worldwide. He has attended many TV Talk Shows and can be regularly seen on shows promoting Trade & Commerce.